Property Administration


VC GROUP INTERNATIONAL works hard to help the owner to professionally manage his property with a personalized service. We take care of every detail, seeking to build a solid relationship with our customers over the years. VC Group International, provides a service at a high level for your personal property needs.

Our comprehensive property management and maintenance service offers various options  including inspections, repairs, hurricane damage prevention, pre-arrival preparation for absent owners, cleaning staff, handymen, and many more. There are limitless possibilities available, which we can offer according to the lifestyle of each owner.

VC GROUP INTERNATIONAL is committed to give our customers responsible service. We have a professional team to provide you with tranquility and peace of mind, saving you time and worries. If you need other services like car rental ,and real estate investments , we provide them as well.

Below are the programs available to our clients:

1. Preventive maintenance
2. Administration
3. Repairs
4. Service for absent owners
5. Remodeling

For more information about our services, please contact: or call 305 948-6670

VC Group International